By | 26th January 2018

Crafting time is a special time to just relax, let things go, and let the creativity flow from your heart.

Until, uh-oh…

You don’t have the craft essentials you need!

Suddenly, your relaxation time turns into frustrating and creativity comes to a crashing halt!

Huffing and puffing, and a few choice words might even happen. Buh-bye special time.

Sound familiar?

The best way to avoid the frustration that comes from not having the supplies you need is to be prepared with a kit, so when your project urge hits you can get right to it.

Here is a fun little checklist to get you started building your craft supply arsenal:

Glue: Fabric glue, super glue, glue stick, paper adhesive, hot glue gun.

Paper: Decorative paper, white and colored paper, wrapping paper.

Tape: Glitter tape, double sided tape, scotch tape, cello tape.

Colors: Colored pencils, crayons, water color, acrylic color, glitter color, regular marker, metallic color.

Painting Essentials: Variety of brushes, plastic plat for mixing colors.

Bonus Supplies: Ribbon, Fabric (scraps from other projects will do), stickers, stamp, felt sheets, foam.

Cutting Supplies: Regular sharp scissors, cutting board, box cutter.

More Creative Ways to Get Craft Supplies Cheap

  • Take advantage of back to school shopping in late summer/early fall. When back to school time rolls around, it’s time to stock up on glue, colored pencils, paper, markers, etc. All the stores are competing for your business on these items; therefore prices will be at their lowest.
  • Shop post-holiday sales. We all know that holiday items are deeply discounted after the holiday is over. Think about the types of materials that go with each holiday. Stock up on glitter after Christmas, because everything is glittery for that holiday.  Supplies in certain colors will be on sale after specific holidays, like black and orange stuff after Halloween and pink and red after Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes you will be surprised to find general craft items in the holiday clearance section with their prices slashed.
  • Don’t forget about online shopping. It’s easy, you can price compare, and it saves you gas money and time riding around town.  It is also easier to buy items in bulk online.  Some great online sources for craft supplies: Etsy, Amazon, Save-on-Crafts, Hobby Lobby, and Oriental Trading.

Now that you are armed to the max with craft supplies, all bought on a budget no less, get crafting! And, don’t forget to enjoy it along the way!

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