By | 25th January 2018

3. Cornstarch Baby Rash Remedy

Mothers have been using cornstarch to help clear up baby rash for decades. It’s a very gentle and very effective remedy for diaper rash and you don’t really need a recipe – or any other ingredients to make it. Many pediatricians actually recommend using cornstarch as opposed to baby powders that contain talc – given the bad publicity that talc has received lately. You can use a dusting of cornstarch to help treat or help prevent diaper rash.

4. DIY Dry Shampoo With Cornstarch

DIY Dry Shampoo With Cornstarch

The basic idea behind a dry shampoo is to remove oils that make your hair look dirty. Cornstarch is excellent at removing grease and helping your hair to look fresh and clean. Cornstarch has excellent oil removing properties and when you mix it with a few other ingredients, it makes a wonderfully smelling dry shampoo that will also be helpful when you are styling your hair.

5. Natural Athlete’s Foot Remedy

Cornstarch is very effective at helping to combat athlete’s feet. In order to cure athlete’s feet, you need to keep moisture away from your feet. This is where the cornstarch comes in. You can make your own effective, soothing and really great smelling foot powder and keep it in a jar to sprinkle on your feet when you get out of the shower or whenever you change shoes or socks. And, this is much cheaper than anything that you can buy in a store.

6. Homemade Bronzer And Contour Powder

Homemade Bronzer And Contour Powder

Do you know how expensive makeup is these days? Did you know that you can make your own makeup and that it is much healthier for your skin? This DIY bronzer and contour powder is made from cornstarch which will help to keep oil off your skin and make it less shiny. It’s a really easy makeup to make and you only need cornstarch and a few things from your kitchen pantry to make it.

7. Lifting DIY Face Mask With Cornstarch

This DIY face mask has an instant lift effect – it will instantly make your skin look tighter and younger! And, it is made with cornstarch. You probably have all of the products that you need to make this in your kitchen right now. It’s really simple to put together and has such a wonderful instant effect. Plus, this is so much cheaper than anything that you can buy that will do the same thing.

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