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I love finding weird alternative uses for standard kitchen supplies, like 56 unusual applications for rubbing alcohol, or 200 amazing uses for coconut oil. Hacks like these save me money and time, and they are just downright fun to try and share.

So I got to thinking about sugar. Sugar is something I always have an overage of, largely because I use stevia to sweeten most food and drinks. I buy sugar because I need it for a couple of recipes I make now and again, but it comes in those huge sacks, and most of it generally goes bad before I can use it and needs to be thrown away. I hate to waste anything, so I wondered if maybe that sugar could be put to good use outside of my cooking.

1. Remove Grass Stains

If you have any grass stains on your clothing, mix together sugar and water to create a warm paste. Let sit for an hour or two, and then wash the garment as you usually would. Sugar contains enzymes that can help break down the green stain-causing chlorophyll.

grass photo

2. Trap Insects

Get rid of flies and wasps by bringing two parts sugar and one part water to a boil. Let cool and add to a Mason jar. Create a cone out of paper and place it into the jar. The flies will be attracted to the sugar, but will be trapped by the cone and syrup.

3. Clean A Coffee Or Spice Grinder

If you grind your own coffee or spices, you may find that your grinder is difficult to clean thoroughly, Luckily, using some sugar can help clean out any built-up excess oils. Just pour 1/4 cup granulated sugar through your grinder, and let it run for a few minutes. Dump out the grinder after use and wipe clean.

coffee grinder photo

4. Treat Wounds

Sugar has been used for centuries as a way to heal wounds, and it turns out their may be some science behind it. A study from Wolverhampton University found that pouring granulated sugar directly into bed sores, leg ulcers and even amputations helps the wound heal faster than antibiotics.

5. Keep Flowers Fresh

Mix two tablespoons of vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar into your vase water to enhance the bouquet’s longevity. Sugar helps feed the stems while the vinegar fights off bacteria.

bouquet photo

6. Exfoliate Your Skin

Instead of using products that contain environmentally-unfriendly synthetic microbeads, make your own scrub using sugar. Just mix it with an oil like olive oil or coconut oil, and apply gently to help get rid dead skin cells.

sugar scrub photo

7. Sooth A Burnt Tongue

If you burned your tongue on something scorching hot — or even something too spicy — you can use a spoonful of sugar to help ease the pain. Let the sugar dissolve, and the pain should subside within no time.

hot drink photo

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